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Chief Instructor: Shihan Cliff Crawford 5th Dan

Sensei Crawford started full time study of Karate Do in 1973. He has been a black belt instructor since 1978.

Sensei trains in and teaches Okinawan Shobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate Do under the tutelage of Kyoshi Jerry Gould 7th Dan from Seattle, WA.

Kyoshi Gould is the United States Chief Instructor for Shobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate as taught by Grandmaster Eizo Shimabukuro in Okinawa.

Sensei Crawford is a member of the Northwest Shorin Ryu Karate Association and the Okinawan Shorinryu Karate Association.

Mission Statement:

The intent of Klamath Karate School is and always has been to develop strong minds and bodies, while preserving the teachings of Karate Do.

Through practicing Shorin Ryu Karate, we believe that the character of each individual can be improved. Respect, self-discipline, courtesy, patience, and humility are goals to be achieved in the study of the martial arts.

The student will develop these aspects of Karate Do as well as learn appropriate self-defense skills.

Words From Sensei

“Karate is not about being a tough guy.... but about developing strong character. However, diligent study of Karate Do will teach the student sufficient self-defense skills when needed.”


Wednesday - Kids 5:45-6:30pm. Adults 6:45-8:00pm.

Friday - Kids 5:45-6:45pm. Adults 6:45-8:00pm.

Saturday Morning - 10am-12


Private Classes Available

Class Curriculum

Karate (empty hand): The study of forms, self defense, and fighting applications of Karate Do.

Kobudo (weapons): The study of traditional weaponry as taught in Okinawa.


Dress Code

Uniforms available through the dojo.

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Klamath Karate School

Shihan Cliff Crawford / 541-850-2541 or click on link to send Email.

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